The challenges ahead

The challenge of hemocompatibility

The challenge of hemocompatibility By definition, cardiovascular diseases affect the heart and blood vessels. For this reason, the hemocompatibility (blood compatibility) of materials is a major issue in the design of medical devices, particularly artificial hearts. Medical devices in contact with human blood can lead to problems such as hemorrhaging, blood clot formation and thromboembolic complications. Infections can also occur, potentially leading to device failure. PROCOPE Medicals is devel...
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Adapting to every patient morphology: a key challenge

Adapting to every patient morphology : a key challenge A higher mortality rate among women waiting for transplants In the United States, heart failure is the leading cause of death among women. It is responsible for one in five deaths in the female population. Studies show that women die at a systematically higher rate than men when waiting for a donor heart. In fact, only 20% of heart transplant recipients are women. Artificial heart design : Towards a universal, miniaturized solution Artificia...
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