Procope Medicals

Procope Medicals

At the heart of an innovative start-up’s CSR approach

At a time when the world is undergoing profound change and the quest for meaning has become essential in today’s society, thinking in terms of the long term and positive impact is a fundamental necessity for any entrepreneurial adventure.

With this in mind, Procope Medicals intends to place people at the heart of its project, and by initiating this reflection with its team, the company is determined to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility approach that will evolve with time and the contributions of each individual.

We are first and foremost a team of engineers and doctors who are designing a total heart prosthesis, bringing a major innovation to the existing system & offering a sustainable alternative to the problem of heart transplants, thus helping to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from severe heart failure.

équipe procope medicals
ingénieurs et équipe de direction

While health is the main concern and the “reason for being” of Procope Medicals, we attach just as much importance to quality of life and comfort in the workplace, and are attentive to the quality of social and professional relations.

This is another significant step in our commitment to a responsible and more sustainable society.

Les fondamentaux de notre démarche RSE

corporate social responsibility

By placing people and the environment at the heart of our work, Procope Medicals is committed to a sustainable and responsible future, where the health and well-being of all are preserved.