Procope Medicals

Procope Medicals

Our artificial heart

Start of phase 1 pre-clinical trials

We’re testing a first version of the prosthesis on animals, which will have the dimensions and performance levels of the final prosthesis. Only the materials used will not be definitive (not biocompatible).

in 2024, here are the targets we have set ourselves.

Start of pre-clinical animal trials

Numerical simulations of blood flow & circulation

Strategic study of the prosthesis cell membrane

The advantages of our prothesis

Procope Medicals is developing an artificial heart combining a number of technical innovations, enabling the device to be fully implantable and adapted to the widest possible range of morphologies. We are working to considerably improve patients’ autonomy, and consequently their comfort of life.

artificial heart operation

“The total artificial heart we are developing will considerably improve patient autonomy, and will then make it available to the greatest number of women and men waiting for solutions.”​

CEO - Scientific Director

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The development plan to follow

2018 - 2022

Validation phase: experimental, numerical and anatomical validation

Acquisition of intellectual property


Functional version of the prosthesis

2024 - 2026

Pre-clinical studies: POC blood tests

and animal testing

Biocompatible, self-regulating preclinical version of the prosthesis

2027 - 2028

Clinical trials : human trials

Clinical version of the prosthesis with implantable battery and remote monitoring system

2029 - 2030

Market launch : CE marking and

BTT IDE study