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Towards patient-centred healthcare : remote monitoring

Healthcare is evolving towards a model that is more patient-centered, safe and comfortable. The artificial heart device developed by PROCOPE Medicals includes Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) ?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions can predict, prevent and manage events through continuous remote monitoring, and facilitate both remote and face-to-face interventions with patients. They are essential in the management of chronic diseases, such as heart failure, which are on the rise and putting strain on healthcare systems.

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Sensors, embedded in our prosthesis, will be able to continuously and accurately measure the device’s vital parameters, providing essential physiological data, and software will transmit the data to medical teams for monitoring, diagnosis and intervention to improve the speed and safety of care. These digital solutions have already proved their worth in various pathological fields, such as heart failure, but also in the treatment of sleep apnea, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic respiratory diseases, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. They also have a very positive impact on reducing healthcare costs, hospitalization rates and hospital stays.

Although momentum for digital health solutions has been strong during the pandemic, there are still some obstacles to their use within the European regulatory framework. We are confident, however, that interoperability, data confidentiality and security issues will be reassessed and thus more widely adopted in Europe.

Today, PROCOPE Medicals is working to design an innovative, high-performance artificial heart, equipped with an effective digital remote monitoring solution.

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