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habitudes alimentaires

Diet as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease

At a time when cardiovascular disease is one of the world’s leading causes of death, the link between diet and cardiovascular health has never been more important. Indeed, the choices individuals make in terms of diet play a decisive role … Read More

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santé cardiovasculaire

Improving cardiovascular health for a better quality of life

Cardiovascular disease represents a major public health challenge, and it is imperative that we take a proactive approach to preserving the health of our hearts. There are many such conditions, making cardiovascular health awareness and prevention an important issue in … Read More

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diagnostic précoce insuffisance cardiaque

The different stages and classes of heart failure

There are different types of heart failure. It can be chronic (the disease sets in gradually, with symptoms worsening more slowly), or acute (the onset is rapid, or even sudden). There are also different stages of the disease, ranging from … Read More

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réglementation dispositif médical

The new challenge of MedTech : Between innovations, regulations and compliance challenges

MedTech, at the crossroads of technology and healthcare, is shaping the development of medical devices with a relentless quest for innovation. In this dynamic landscape, several elements are redefining the design of these devices, with major implications for manufacturers. A … Read More

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Xenotransplantation : the limits of animal organ transplantation

Xenotransplantation is the process of transplanting living cells, organs or tissues from animals into humans. … Read More

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coeur artificiel implantable

Why is designing an artificial heart so complex ?

In fact, there is as yet no destination therapy enabling patients to live with a heart prosthesis over the long term. … Read More

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simulation numérique des écoulements dans le ventricule

Numerical simulation of blood flow in the ventricule

The hemodynamics of the prosthesis are therefore analyzed by numerical simulation. This is an important part of our study on the biocompatibility and hemocompatibility of the prosthesis. … Read More

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insuffisance cardiaque

A sustainable alternative to the shortage of heart transplants

The number of patients on waiting lists and the shortage of organs are the main threats to organ transplantation: only 3% of patients receive a donor heart. … Read More

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coeur artificiel

Xenograft or artificial heart : What does the future hold for cardiac medicine?

The extent of the shortage means that new, innovative therapeutic options need to be sought, and one of the alternatives being studied is xenotransplantation. … Read More

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