Procope Medicals

Procope Medicals

Numerical simulation of blood flow in the ventricule

The Procope Medicals cardiac prosthesis is one-piece, totally intracorporeal and orthotopic. It mimics the physiology of the heart. The two ventricles, driven by an electro-pneumatic mechanism, are synchronized like the natural heart.

Both ventricles have their own hemodynamic regime, self-regulating and ensuring optimal response to the body’s needs.

The hemodynamics of the prosthesis are therefore analyzed by numerical simulation, as an important part of our study into the biocompatibility and hemocompatibility of the prosthesis.

We are using the latest innovations in numerical flow simulation (CFD) techniques, developed by our partners Erflow-Engineering, Fluide-Meca and Meca.

They enable us to simulate flow dynamics in the left ventricle, taking into account membrane deployment during complete ventricular ejection at each cycle. These error-control methods provide an accurate description of the flow to reduce the criticality of the device.