Medtech et Biotech, momentum continues, but many financial challenges lie ahead

Dynamic growth in the healthcare sector

Healthcare plays an important role in innovation, led in particular by Medtech and Biotech. This is a fast-growing sector, with potential sales estimated at 40 billion euros by 2030. The dynamic French ecosystem is demonstrating its real interest in improving patients’ quality of life. On this subject, France Biotech has published an online prospective study highlighting the importance of French healthtech in the ongoing revolution in medicine.

In this context, Medtechs and Biotechs are positioning themselves as true drivers of medical innovation. This synergy between technology and medicine is fundamentally transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

Financial challenges : the impact of divestment



Despite its strong potential in France, the sector is facing a slump in investment. With the health crisis, investment in the sector picked up, but in 2023, inflation and global economic uncertainty have had an impact on this dynamic. The slowdown in investment poses a considerable problem, as it is a major driver for up-and-coming startups. The development of medical devices requires several years of work and research before they can be marketed, and without funding from investors, the whole sector will be slowed down in its R&D. And it’s usually during clinical trials that investment becomes scarce, as financial needs are greater and grow as products progress through the technical and regulatory validation stages. Investors are less inclined to support these essential stages.

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Innovation Santé 2030 : towards the future of Medtech & Biotech


Faced with this situation, the French government has set up a health innovation strategy for 2021, with a budget of 7 billion euros. The aim is to make France the leading country in Europe in terms of healthcare research and sovereignty. The aim is to provide the necessary public financial support and encourage research and development. This initiative has the merit of creating a favorable environment for the pursuit of healthcare innovations, but these also need the support of business angels and specialized investment funds to see them through.