Procope Medicals

Procope Medicals

Procope Medicals is moving resolutely into 2024 with new milestones and key challenges in the design and development of its total artificial heart. Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about:

Research and development (R&D)

We are starting 2024 by evaluating the performance of different types of valve, in order to determine the best choice, for the benefit of the patient. The aim is to guarantee a better quality of life and autonomy.

To ensure that our prosthesis, which is a class III medical device, meets the required standards, the first biocompatible implantable version will be developed during the year, followed by the first animal implantation. These tests are necessary to guarantee the prosthesis’s proper functioning, implantation and safety for cardiac surgeons.

Intellectual property

Protecting our work is an essential aspect of our strategy. In 2024, we will be submitting two new technical advances in our artificial heart for patentability review. This is part of our drive to strengthen our position as a major player in heart health.

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In the first quarter of the year, we are raising 500,000 euros, offering interested Business Angels the opportunity to participate in the Procope Medicals adventure. This is an important step in ensuring the continuity of our R&D projects and strengthening our market position.

More generally, our financing strategy will include a first-stage fundraising round of €2 million in the second half of 2024, when we will approach Venture Capital (VC) and Familys Offices. The main objective is to finance the final R&D stages to finalize the definitive version of our prosthesis.

Structural actions

At Procope Medicals, we are reinforcing our commitment to quality and innovation, while ensuring that our procedures are streamlined.

Our priority is to focus on a strategic regulatory action plan, with the aim of obtaining CE marking, the certification guaranteeing that devices conform to rigorous standards.

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Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and physicians is determined to contribute to innovation in heart health and improve the quality of life of patients suffering from severe heart failure.

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