Procope Medicals validates the 1st phase of anatomical compatibility evaluation of its medical device

Nantes, France, October 19, 2022 – Procope Medicals, developer of a fully implantable heart prosthesis, has completed the first phase of physical implants of its artificial heart device.

The objective of the physical implantations is to validate the design (shape) and size (volume) of the cardiac prosthesis, which is available in 2 volumes, so that it can be suitable for the greatest number of patients, whatever the size and volume of the thorax that will receive the device. This stage continues and reinforces the findings previously made through a study of virtual implantations on 3D anatomical models.

The data from this stage provides us with an important step forward in the development process of our device.

Procope Medicals has also focused on an optimized design that simplifies the surgical procedure of implantation, with a secure locking interface solution for the prothesis to the atria and arteries (aorta and pulmonary artery). The interface with the patient’s atria (upper heart chambers) allows the surgeon to have a clear space to operate during implantation and to ensure optimla alignment of the prothesis. Once this interface is sutured to the atria, the prothesis can be easily attached. This device has been tested and validated by the surgical team. 


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The anatomical validation tests were successfully carried out in the Anatomy Laboratory of the University of Nantes, thanks to the team of thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons of the University Hospital of Nantes, who have been collaborating on the project since the creation of Procope Medicals. 

Saïd Chabane, CEO of Procope Medicals, said : “We are delighted that these anatomical trials have enabled us to validate a major step in the definition of the prothesis design. They confirm the virtual simulations previously carried out and reassure us as to the integration of the internal compinents ensuring the functioning of the prothesis that we have developed.” A second phase of anatomical validations should take place by January 2023. 

We warmly thank the teams of the Anatomy Laboratory of the University of Nantes for their availability and their welcome. 

About Procope Medicals :

Procope Medicals is a French medtech company based in Nantes. Its mission is to offer an innovative and inclusive solution, allowing all patients suffering from acute heart failure to regain comfort and autonomy, and providing practitioners with a reliable and easy-to-implant alternative. The technology, protected by an international patent, allows the device to be fully implantable, including its power supply system. The entire team, engineers and doctors alike, is working to provide the best possible solution to the global problem of heart transplant shortages.

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