Procope Medicals continues its equity fundraising with Tudigo

Nantes, France, 6th june 2023 – PROCOPE Medicals, designer of a fully implantable cardiac prosthesis, is proud to announce that it has already reached its minimum target of 400,000 euros in its fundraising campaign launched just 21 days ago. The fundraising campaign is still underway and can be accessed on the Tudigo platform.

After more than five years of research and development, PROCOPE Medicals is committed to designing a compact, wireless total heart prosthesis offering natural pulsatility. Currently functional on an arterial simulator, the next key step will be to start in-vivo trials, marking a major advance towards market launch.

The aim of this fund-raising is to accelerate the development plan for our cardiac prosthesis in several key areas of research and development (R&D).

The first is the haemocompatibility study, with digital simulations of the haemodynamics of the ventricles to guarantee blood compatibility and optimise the performance of our device. Next, we will be pursuing the regulatory work required to obtain the authorisations and certifications needed for trials and, ultimately, market access. We also plan to carry out a strategic study of the hybrid composite membrane, to optimise its durability. Recruiting new talent is also one of our objectives, to strengthen the R&D team and support the ramp-up of tests and studies.

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PROCOPE Medicals remains committed to its ultimate goal of bringing to market a cardiac prosthesis that is compatible with the majority of patients and fully implantable to ensure optimal quality of life. In vivo trials (preclinical and clinical) will begin in 2024 and market entry is planned for 2030, paving the way for rapid sales growth.

We invite all interested investors to participate in this investment opportunity and support our project.

For more information about our equity fundraising and to invest in our start-up, please visit our page on the Tudigo platform ; 

About PROCOPE Medicals

Procope Medicals is a French medtech company based in Nantes. Its mission is to offer an innovative and inclusive solution, enabling all patients suffering from acute heart failure to regain a comfortable and independent lifestyle, and providing practitioners with a reliable and easy-to-implant alternative. The technology, protected by an international patent, makes the device entirely implantable, including its energy supply system. The entire team, engineers and doctors alike, is working to provide the best possible solution to the global problem of the shortage of heart transplants.

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