EN 2023

Launch of phase 1 pre-clinical trials

We are testing a first version of the prosthesis on animals, which will have the dimensions and performance level of the final prosthesis, only the materials used will not be definitive (not biocompatible).

The pathology

Heart failure is one of the challenges of the 21st century. Currently, more than 25 million adults worldwide are affected by this disease. This progressive and irreversible disease leads to 200,000 patients on the waiting list for a heart transplant every year. There is a real shortage of available transplants, and only 3% of these patients will receive a compatible heart. 

The main causes of heart failure are heart-damaging diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Most people with end-stage heart failure have a life expectancy of less than one year.

While heart transplantation is the gold standard of treatment, the need to cope with the shortage means that new and innovative treatment options are being sought.

A new generation of artificial hearts and ventricular assistants are being developed: the technological advances of the last few years will offer major benefits for a better quality of life for patients.

The market

200,000 patients are currently waiting for a heart transplant, 105,000 of whom are eligible for an artificial heart. While heart transplantation saves 3% of patients, 50% of them could benefit from a heart prosthesis.

In Europe and the United States, there are currently more than 65,000 patients potentially eligible for an artificial heart. Our addressable market segment is $8.5 billion/year. In addition, studies show a constant increase in heart failure (+25% by 2040) due to lifestyle changes (diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc.).

Today, only one artificial heart is officially on the world market: Syncardia USA, its turnover is 16 million dollars/year, i.e. only 0.05% of the market. This market penetration is the result of the strong constraints linked to the device and a technology designed 35 years ago leading to side effects.

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The development plan

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