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Fighting severe heart failure with the full potential of our technology
Since 2018, Procope Medicals develop a technology on total artificial hearts.
Procope Medicals
Investing in health together
Investors, join us on this journey and imagine yourself in MedTech, a fast growing market with strong returns.

What if our total artificial hearts could change a patient's life ?

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Medtech is a Booming Market

At Procope Medicals, we believe that medical innovation saves lives.
We're developing a patented artificial heart to combat severe heart failure, which kills nearly 70,000 people in France each year.

Medical technology is currently a 28 billion euro industry in France with a constantly increasing turnover, making it a safe and reliable sector for investors.

Invest in MedTech with us!
Procope Medicals
Saïd Chabane
CEO Procope Medicals
Prothèse cardiaque de cœur artificiel

About our total artificial hearts and Procope Medicals

We’re developing patented technological solutions for patients with heart failure using cutting edge medical innovations.
Since 2018 we have been working with the surgeons at Nantes University Hospital to develop a total artificial hearts prosthesis that offers the best possible quality of life to all patients with severe heart failure.

Surgeon Supported

We're working with the cardio-thoratic surgeons at Nantes University Hospital to design the prosthesis.

A 100% Implantable Prosthesis

Our total artificial hearts recharges through the skin. Simply placing the battery on the patient's skin recharges it.

Innovative Technology

The total artificial hearts regulates its flow autonomously based on patient activity, imitating the pulse of a natural heart.

2 Optimized Designs

2 sizes are available, 50 or 70 cc, to fit all morphologies: small or larger thoraxes.

Patented Technology

Our design is protected by an international patent covering Europe, Canada, the USA, Japan, South Korea and China.
Investir dans la Medtech - Investissement cœur artificiel

Our Prosthesis

Learn about how innovative an total artificial hearts is that’s 100% implantable in the patient's chest.
Recherches de prothèse cardiaque - Procope Medicals- Strat up Medtech

Invest in Procope Medicals

MedTech is a flourishing sector that already has many investors. Discover its benefits.

Our Team

Our engineers are working tirelessly to develop the ideal prosthesis with the support of renowned cardiac surgeons.
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Investir dans la Medtech - Investissement cœur artificiel

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