Adapting to every patient morphology : a key challenge

A higher mortality rate among women waiting for transplants

In the United States, heart failure is the leading cause of death among women. It is responsible for one in five deaths in the female population. Studies show that women die at a systematically higher rate than men when waiting for a donor heart. In fact, only 20% of heart transplant recipients are women.

Artificial heart design : Towards a universal, miniaturized solution

Artificial hearts are used to support patients waiting for a donor heart transplant and, like most medical devices, are often designed with a “one-size-fits-all approach” to be compatible with medium/large individuals. As a result, this approach necessarily raises a problem when it comes to providing a life-saving solution accessible to all.

The compatibility of an artificial heart, its weight and volume, remain a challenge for engineers; miniaturization plays an important role in the design of this type of device.

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How do we meet this challenge ?

By designing a fully implantable cardiac prosthesis available in two volumes (50CC and 70CC), Procope Medicals has taken up this challenge, guaranteeing optimal compatibility with all adult morphologies.


The first preclinical trials of our device will start in 2024. A biocompatible, self-regulating version will then be clinically tested, the aim being to accelerate our developments in order to offer a suitable solution to as many patients as possible.