The Team
Our mission

Treating severe heart failure using the patented technology at Procope Medicals.

Since 2018, each member of the team has been working towards the creation of an innovative cardiac prosthesis for patients that is as discreet as possible.

Our daily motivation: working to provide a better quality of life for those waiting for a heart transplant.
Provide an artificial heart that is 100% implantable
Reduce the necessity of prolonged hospital stays for patients
Work closely with cardio-thoratic surgeons

From the founder of Procope Medicals

Our cardiac prosthesis represents an important medical innovation. Thanks to this 100% implantable system, a patient’s quality of life improves drastically. Procope Medicals sees itself as a major figure in MedTech, increasing the life expectancy of patients who are suffering from severe heart failure and waiting for a heart transplant.
Saïd Chabane Procope Medicals
Saïd Chabane

Our Team